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A Venezuelan, fond of good food and Haute cuisine enthusiast, who from a very young age began to train my palate visiting restaurants all around the world where I discovered that gastronomy is my passion.

The Path to food consulting...

My professional career began in 2006 when I graduated from a bachelor in graphic design from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas, in Venezuela. Years later, I founded my own corporate design boutique where I created innovative business concepts related to food.

In 2015, with the intention of immersing in the gastronomic world, I moved to New York City to complete a diploma in Culinary Arts at the International Culinary Center.

During my stay in the Big Apple I did 600 hours of internships in the kitchen and had the opportunity to work with Chef David Bouley (1 Michelin star) at his restaurant in Tribeca, Manhattan,

In 2020, I completed a master's degree in food criticism led by a group of gastronomic journalists among the most recognized in Spain,


What I do?


I am currently a food consultant for entrepreneurs, chefs and food-related business owners. I guide my clients to start or renew their projects from the concept development, brand design, interior design and packaging to their marketing strategy depending on their needs.


My goal is to create innovative food businesses with a solid brand concept, with a good marketing strategy that can therefore be profitable.



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